Amanda Eccleston


Welcome to the website of Amanda Eccleston, an elite American mid-distance runner. Follow me through my running journey and training updates as I strive to compete at the highest levels with the goal of representing Team USA in the Olympics and World Championships!

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12 thoughts on “Amanda Eccleston

  1. Michael Eccleston

    I’m not sure we’re related (not many Ecclestons out there), but know that me and my tribe of Ecclestons are cheering for you!



    • amandaeccleston

      Thank you!! It’s actually my husband’s side of the family that is Eccleston, so I don’t think we’re related, but I love the support!


  2. Barbara Smith

    Godspeed Amanda!

    We have been following your running since the Hillsdale days, + just want you to know we are all cheering you on from IL!!!

    What an amazing accomplishment + thrill! Enjoy it all!!!

    Philippians 4:13!

    Barbara, Jack, Kate + Sam Smith


  3. Joan Nesbit Mabe

    I love your writing style, Amanda! I sent “Embrace the Mental Side of Running” for my Varsity state champs girls to read just now. As a self-coached athlete (’96 Olympian) I, too, scoured the libraries and internet for all I could learn about training. I’d love to chat with you sometime and compare notes. CONGRATS on the O. Trials 1500m final best race of your career – to date 🙂


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